CVD is killer number one


CVD is the number one cause of deaths. CVD mortality accounts for 36% of all deaths – far more than any other condition.


CVD is the number one cause of death in the EU: more than 1.8 million people – equal to the population of Vienna – die every year as a result of CVD. This represent, on average, about 5000 deaths per day in the EU.


A large proportion of CVD deaths is premature. In the EU, 24% of deaths among men before age 65, and 17% of deaths among women before age 65, are due to CVD.


CVD costs the EU economy approximately €210 billion a year. Of that cost, around 53% (111billion) is for health care costs, 26% ( €54 billion) is due to productivity losses and 21% (€45 billion) due to informal care of people with CVD.