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Europe’s policymakers call for action on industrially produced trans fatty acids in foods in the European Union, 14 April 2015

European Parliament, European Commission and the World Health Organization join to explore the EU’s abilities and commitment to face the global NCDs pandemic, with a focus on cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

This meeting gave MEPs the opportunity to learn from experts how E-Health technologies are being successfully applied in cardiology. Known as Tele-cardiology, this approach has demonstrated positive outcomes in national programmes but there are some obstacles to overcome before it can be fully exploited to the benefit of all EU citizens.

In an unprecedented effort to bring prevention of chronic diseases to the top of the EU agenda, the MEP Heart Group, the MEP Group for Kidney Health, the EU Diabetes Working Group and MEPs Against Cancer organise a joint meeting today in the European Parliament, together with representatives of health professionals and health activists at European level.

Although cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for women in Europe, and more women die from CVD than from all cancers combined, women - and many of their physicians - remain largely unaware of their risk of developing CVD. Importantly, this is a risk which increases dramatically with age.

80% of premature deaths due to CVD can be prevented by tackling major risk factors particularly unhealthy diet and smoking. The recent decision of the Belgian Parliament to postpone the total ban on smoking in all bars and restaurants until 2014 is therefore all the more regrettable.

Members of the European Parliament Heart Group met to discuss the link between nutrition and cardiovascular diseases and how labelling of food can help people choose products that are better for their hearts and vessels.
Members of the European Parliament Heart Group met with the Cardiology profession and heart patients’ representatives to discuss ways to ensure high quality of care across the EU by means of elevated standards of training and first-class medical practices.

Members of the European Parliament Heart Group met with the Cardiology profession and representatives of national Heart Foundations to evaluate the achievements at EU level in combating Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), and to reveal the need for further action.

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