Love Your Heart 2013: Valentine’s Day Twitter & Facebook Campaign for the promotion of Heart Health, 13 & 14 February 2013



love-your-heart11Love Your Heart 2013, the Valentine's Day Campaign initiated by the MEP Heart Group had the dual objective of promoting heart health amongst the EU popoulation and of ensuring that cardiovascular diseases (CVD), the n°1 killer in Europe, are given the appropriate attention on the EU policy agenda.

Indeed, each year CVD, in particular heart disease and stroke, cause over 4 million deaths (47% of all deaths) in Europe and 1.9 million deaths (40% of all deaths) in the European Union (EU). Overall they are estimated to cost the EU economy almost €196 billion a year.


The campaign was supported by a wide community encompassing Members of the European Parliament, advocacy groups, individuals, etc.

All in all, it is estimated that over 127 000 people were reached by heart health promotion messages on Valentine's Day.

The outcome of the campaign is available here: part 1 - part 2


The MEP Heart Group wishes to thank all participants for their precious support!


Pictured MEPs from top to bottom/left to right: Glenis Willmott (S&D - UK), Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE - FR), Cristian Silviu Busoi (ALDE - RO), Linda McAvan (S&D - UK), Antonyia Parvanova (ALDE - BG), Jean-Marie Cavada (EPP - FR), Judith Merkies (S&D - NL), Nessa Childers (S&D - IE)