World Heart Day Press Campaign 'United for Heart Health', 29 September 2012

Picture5Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) joined forces on World Heart Day (WHD) to inform EU citizens and policymakers that diseases of the heart and circulatory system (cardiovascular disease or CVD) are the main cause of death in the European Union (EU) claiming 5,000 lives each day.

Despite the decline of heart disease mortality in the past 30 years, CVD remains the leading cause of death in Europe. Worryingly, recent projections indicate that major CVD risk factors – tobacco, alcohol, poor diet, and physical inactivity, obesity and diabetes - as well as the ageing of the population will lead to an increase in CVD prevalence over the next 20 years under status-quo prevention and treatment trends.

By 2030, projections indicate that around 72 million Europeans will have died from CVD. Yet, up to 80% of premature CVD deaths are preventable through prevention policies and early management of risk factors.

The MEP WHD awareness raising campaign, promoted by the MEP Heart Group, comes as a major new report is published on the state of CVD in the EU. The eagerly awaited 2012 European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics contains the most up to date statistics on CVD in Europe and is being launched today. The data shows that efforts to reduce deaths from CVD have been successful. CVD mortality is now falling in most of Europe, including Central and Eastern European countries which saw steep increases until the beginning of the 21st century.

However, CVD remains the main cause of death in the EU, with significant differences in death rates between countries. The report reveals that:
• Each year CVD causes 1.9 million deaths in the EU, down from 2 million in 2008
• CVD causes 40% of all deaths in the EU
• Over a third of deaths from CVD in the EU are from CHD and over a quarter are from stroke
• CVD remains the main cause of death for women in all 27 EU countries. And for men in 23 EU countries.

What is more, in times of economic crisis, CVD is estimated to cost the EU economy €196 billion a year, up from €192 billion in 2008. Around 54% is due to health care costs, 24% is due to productivity losses and 22% is due to the informal care of people with CVD.

The report also reveals continuing problems with lifestyle factors including smoking, physical activity, obesity and diabetes. Indeed, the report shows that despite 50 years of clear evidence of the harms of tobacco smoking, in 2009 nearly one third (29%) of people in the EU were smokers. Participation in exercise or sport is relatively low across the EU: 39% of adults never participate in these activities, while 21% participate three times per week or more.



Cristian Busoi MEP, Romania

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29 Septembrie, Ziua Mondial? a Inimii

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