Chronic Disease in Europe: United for Prevention, 5 October 2010

For the first time, the MEP Heart Group joined forces with the MEP Group for Kidney Health, the EU Diabetes Working Group and MEPs Against Cancer, in an unprecedented effort to bring prevention of chronic diseases to the top of the EU agenda.

The meeting was co-organised by MEPs Linda McAvan, Frieda Brepoels, Baroness Sarah Ludford, and Alojz Peterle with the support of the Chronic Disease Alliance as well as the European Cancer Leagues, Euradia et Primary Care Diabetes Europe:




18.30 - 18.40
Welcome and introduction – Linda McAvan MEP

18.40 - 18.55   
Preventing Chronic Diseases: health professionals united in a joint approach – Mark Thursz, European Association on the Study of the Liver

18.55 - 19.05   
100 million EU citizens to treat: the response of science – Karin Sipido, European Society of Cardiology

19.05 -19.15   
UN NCD summit - the EU contribution in partnership with European civil society - Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP

19.15 - 20.00   
Tackling risk factors: why is it such a political hurdle when the evidence is so strong? – Frieda Brepoels MEP
Presentation followed by discussion

20.00 - 20.10   
Conclusion and Statement of MEPs against Chronic Diseases – Alojz Peterle MEP and Marisa Matias MEP

20.10 - 20.30   
Cocktail & photo session for MEPs


The photogallery with images from this meeting can be consulted via the following link