EHN, ESC and ECDA position paper on trans fatty acids

There is overwhelmingly convincing evidence that the intake of trans fatty acids predicts a substantially increased risk of coronary heart disease. This the single most common cause of death in the EU, accounting for 680 000 deaths every year.  Whilst the average intake of industrially produced trans fatty acids (IPTFAs) is in general low in the EU, data suggest that there are major differences between socio-economic groups and between countries. Socially deprived people and adolescents have a higher intake of IPTFAs and the intake is also generally higher in South-Eastern European countries compared to other parts of the EU.  

Both EHN and ESC have produced position papers on trans fatty acids.

ECDA, the European Chronic Disease Alliance, also adopted a position paper on trans fatty acids.

You can find them attached to this section.